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Common, written by Jimmy McGovern and directed by David Blair, has won an RTS North award and a Broadcast Award and is nominated for a BAFTA Best Single Drama. The drama centres on the UK's controversial Joint Enterprise Law which, campaigners say, can lead to innocent people being jailed.

It stars Nico Mirallegro (The Village), Daniel Mays (Mrs Biggs) and Jodhi May (Ice Cream Girls). The film is produced by LA Productions for the BBC and directed by David Blair (The Street, Accused).

Joint Enterprise Law allows several people to be charged with a crime where they are not the primary offenders. It has been increasingly used in the last ten years to tackle crimes, often murder, which are deemed to be gang-related.

Jimmy McGovern said "Joint Enterprise was first used in Britain's courts a few hundred years ago. It was designed to stop the aristocracy duelling. If one duelist killed another then all involved in that duel (the seconds and the surgeons) were charged with murder. It worked. Britain's aristocrats stopped duelling. Now the law is being used against Britain's youth. If someone dies in a fight and you're involved in any way whatsoever, you could find yourself charged with murder. And, if you do, Heaven help you because the burden of proof required in joint enterprise cases is frighteningly low."

Nico Mirallegro plays a 17-year-old called Johnjo who gives his friends a lift to what he thinks is a trip out for pizza. In fact they plan a violent confrontation that ends in death. Under the law of joint enterprise, Johnjo is charged along with the gang.

Daniel Mays and Susan Lynch (Monroe) play the victim's parents, with Jodhi May and Andrew Tiernan (Prisoners' Wives) as Johnjo's parents. The supporting cast includes Michelle Farley (Game Of Thrones), Jack McMullen (Waterloo Road) and, as a court judge, Michael Gambon.

McGovern added: "When it comes to casting you always have a 'wish list' - a list of actors who'd be perfect for the parts you have written. You never get them of course. They're often too busy or away on holiday or they hate the script or whatever. But on this occasion, I got them all, every single one on my wish list. And I am over the moon."

Jimmy McGovern's Common airs Sunday 6th July on BBC1 at 9pm.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Puppy Love is currently airing on BBC4. Written by and starring Jo Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine, co-creators of the BAFTA nominated "Getting On", Puppy Love is a story of love, dogs and the love of dogs. Set around The Wirral-based dog training classes run by the formidable Nana V (Jo Scanlan) - "For All Your Dogging Needs".

Puppy Love follows two very different women - Nana V and Naomi Singh (Vicki Pepperdine) as they navigate their headstrong dogs, impossible teenage kids and disappointing husbands.

The BBC's Shane Allen says: "Puppy Love both celebrates and sends up the deeply held relationship between dogs and their owners. This is a real passion piece from Jo and Vicki who have yet again succeeded in creating a wonderful set of characters."

Millie Inbetween

Millie Inbetween

Millie Inbetween is a brand new comedy about families - especially complicated ones (are there any other kind?). It's like a UK version of Modern Family. It's about kids' real lives, and the stories are told from the perspective of shrewd, sparky 11 year old Millie played by Millie Innes (Maisie from Dani's House), who, along with her big sister Lauren, lives alternately with her separated Mum and Dad.

Millie Inbetween stars James Bachman, Hannah Jane Fox, Jaye Jacobs and Jeremy Edwards and is currently showing on CBBC.

Moving On 6

Moving On 6

Created by EMMY and multi BAFTA award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern, the Moving On series includes five stand-alone dramas featuring a plethora of famous faces including screen legend Hayley Mills, with Lisa Riley, Kenneth Cranham, Peter Egan, Neil Fitzmaurice, Wil Johnson, Charles Venn, Anna Crilly, Katy Carmichael, Dominic Carter, Chris McCausland and Graeme Hawley.

Produced by LA Productions for the BBC, the series explores contemporary issues, all linked by the common theme of characters who reach a turning point in life and then move on. With 5x45 minute standalone dramas broadcast over a week, Moving On is reminiscent of the Play for Today. In 2013, it was the first series ever to have been premiered on the BBC iPlayer.

Previous episodes have been directed by Robert Glenister, Dominic West and Johnny Vegas and have starred Corin Redgrave, Sheila Hancock, Anna Massey, Ian Hart, and Lesley Sharp.

The show aired in November 2014.

Read more about the show:
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, Moving On on the BBC.

Stepping Up for BAFTA's

Stepping Up for BAFTA's

LA Productions childrens drama Stepping Up has received two nominations in the Drama and Writer categories at this years BAFTA Children's Awards, which honour the very best in children's media. The ceremony will be held on Sunday 24 November at the London Hilton, Park Lane.

In addition, the BAFTA Kids' Vote launches today, in which children aged between seven and 14 years have their say in a nationwide poll to choose their favourite film, television programme, website and game. Children can cast their votes at

Stepping Up focuses on children who are experiencing the transition from primary to secondary school. The five stand-alone dramas, which were penned by different writers, are themed around the new challenges children face when moving into this new and sometimes overwhelming environment.

The programme has also just won a prestigious RTS Television Award.

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